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Dead Inside But Crystals Help Coffee Mug

Dead Inside But Crystals Help Coffee Mug

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A Crystalline Remedy for a Deadened Soul 
A young woman was feeling stuck and uninspired in her day-to-day life. She had a hard time getting out of bed every morning, and felt like she was going through the motions without any joy or purpose. One night, while browsing online for something that might bring her some comfort, she stumbled across this beautiful Dead Inside But Crystals Help Coffee Mug. The design immediately caught her eye and resonated with how she was feeling inside - then when she read the words on it, it gave her hope! She knew this mug would be an everyday reminder that things could get better if only you reach out for help from crystals or anything else that brings you comfort. With newfound inspiration, she decided to order one right away! 

  • The mug expresses your feelings about staying grounded, even if you feel "dead inside"
  • Features a handdrawn illustration of crystals for energy and serenity
  • Helps washes away to inner turmoil
  • Designed in 15 oz size to fit most car cup holders everyday on the go coffee routine

Dead Inside But Crystals Help Coffee Mug

15 oz Coffee Mug

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